Pet Containers
in Fedora

Jens Petersen 2019, Bangalore (2 Aug)

Developing with containers

container tools

container as pristine environment

container as development environment

Fedora Silverblue

What is Fedora Silverblue?

  • immutable OS: /usr is read-only
  • uses rpm-ostree instead of dnf
  • image deployments: atomic updates

Fedora Atomic project

Fedora Atomic Host → Fedora CoreOS

Fedora Atomic Workstation → Fedora Silverblue

RHEL Atomic Host → RHEL CoreOS

CentOS Atomic Host

Adding software to Fedora Silverblue

  • package layering (rpm-ostree)

  • Flatpaks

  • how about containers?

Developing on Silverblue in Toolbox