Fedora Haskell Packaging and Building

Jens Petersen

Devconf.us 2018, Boston (Aug 18)

I am Jens Petersen

Red Hat and Fedora

Fedora Haskell project and SIG founder



Why Haskell and GHC?

  • Functional purity and immutability
  • Statically and strongly typed
  • Good concurrency
  • Lazy evaluation
  • Native executables
  • Garbage collected


Famous Haskell projects?

Haskell projects

  • Pandoc
  • ShellCheck
  • Xmonad and xmobar
  • git-annex
  • hledger
  • Hakyll
  • Shake
  • Weldr

Haskell also great for writing programming languages

eg: ghc, Purescript, Elm, Agda, idris, …

Enterprise Haskell

  • Facebook
  • Banks (financial trading, etc)
  • Cardano blockchain
  • etc

Consulting: Well Typed, FP Complete, …

Haskell Ecosystem



main Haskell upstream package source repository

Haskell packages

  • Cabal packaging system

  • cabal-install package tool

Cabal packages

Package .cabal files have detailed metadata including dependencies allowing most packages to be packaged completely automatically


currently total nearly 13,000 packages!

(of course not all still maintained)



Stable consistent buildable Haskell package sets

Currently about 2300 packages

stack build tool

Fedora Haskell

Fedora Haskell SIG

Started in 2007


Fedora Haskell challenges

currently ~480 Haskell sources packages in Fedora

GHC has strict version binary dependencies:

updating ghc or libraries requires a lot of rebuilding

Fedora Haskell Packagers

Many people have contributed including:

  • Currently active: Elliott Sales de Andrade,
    Robert-André Mauchin, Jens Petersen

  • Packagers: Ben Boeckel, Ricky Elrod, Zach Oglesby

Former: Bryan O’Sullivan, Yaakov Nemoy, Conrad Meyer, Lakshmi Narasimhan, Shakthi Kannan, Michel Salim, et al

Tools for Fedora Haskell



RPM packaging tool

  • converts Haskell package .cabal files to RPM .spec files
  • can update packages and refresh packaging

OpenSuse has also used cabal-rpm

Demo of cabal-rpm

Fedora Haskell Tools


  • fhpkg: clones, diff’s, pulls, commits packages
  • fhbuild: builds locally, in mock, Koji “chain” builds
  • fhbz: closes Update bugs with builds or refreshes missing deps

Demo of



New tool that orders packages by build dependencies

Demo of rpmbuild-order

Future plans

Improvements to tools

  • async parallel building
  • containers for local building
  • performance: caching of built package info
  • editor for .spec files
  • push the Haskell types

  • querying for Fedora (Haskell) packages
    (in the post-pkgdb world)

Distro Haskell competition

  • Nixos: all of Hackage!
  • OpenSuse: Stackage LTS

Continuous integration?

To keep Fedora in sync with Stackage LTS

Copr: build a subset of Stackage?

Koschei and Fedora CI


Contact me

Mail: petersen@redhat.com

Twitter: @juhp

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