G11n FAD Tokyo 2015

NextGen G11n workflow

  • OpenStack continuous translations workflow (syncing strings from git, pushed back via gerrit)
  • generic sync agent to replace Zanata clients (webapp or tool)
  • use langpack packages to allow updating Fedora package translations (bit like man-pages-override)
  • continous syncing of translations from github to Fedora Zanata and push back via pull-requests
  • translations.org repo of translations of upstream packages
  • Separating translations automatically in buildsystem
  • upstream version tracking/configuration

GLibc locale sub-packaging prototyping and testing

  • complexity of using current locale archive for updating, adding, removing with locale subpackaging
  • copr repos for locale subdirs and locale archive approaches would allow more people to test

Fedora G11n Governance

  • FeGSCo to replace FLSCo
  • G11n WG (with FESCo liason) vs Fedora G11n subproject
  • dilution of i18n and l10n focus
  • elected members from i18n, l10n, Zanata, QA, etc
  • half seats re-elected after 2 releases

Translation of Fedora core packages discussion

  • upstream vs fedora instance
  • allowing non-Fedora people to translate upstream packages in the Fedora instance
  • really need unified Zanata instance with easy pull and push of package branch translations between Orgs (“Github for translations”)

Fedora String/Translation Schedule

  • monitor/alert string breakages automatically for F24